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Шта се дешава на изложби РосУпацк 2023. штанд машина Бинбао?


The 2023 RosUpack exhibition is 27th international printing and packaging industry fair. It is the most important events for the Russian printing and packaging industry. Binbao Machinery participated in this grand event of the packaging and printing industry with a self-adhesive label paper slitting and rewinding machine. Binbao machinery team worked with Russia most professional printing and packaging equipment consultant company PrintPack together.

Binba Machinery TeamBinbao Machinery Partner nPrintPack

We carried the latest SLC model self adhesive paper roll slitter rewinder machine to welcome the visitors who worked in paper bags,pape cups,paper containers,label industry,flexible packaging,paper convertors and so on. The lastest SLC model slitter rewinder machine mainly cut self adhesive paper roll,label paper rolls and some flexible packaging film rolls. We added the rewinder cores automatic positioning system. The system can save much time for positioning rewinding cores and improve the core edge position precision.

Binbao Machinery Slitting Rewinding Machine In RussianИМГ_КСНУМКС_КСНУМКС
SLC Model Slitter Rewinder Machine In RosUpack

Binbao machinery focus on manufacturing high speed,stable slitter rewinder machine,roll to sheets sheeter cutter machine for varous material,such as general kraft paper,cardboard,carton paper,white kraft paper,food wrapper paper,low gram weight special paper,cigarette paper,tobacco paper,sandwich paper,hanburger paper,label sticker paper,self adhesive paper and so on. We devlopped more than 10 series models machine to catch various products manufacturing requirements.Binbao machinery team have professional desingers and engineers for developping customize machine to reach customized requirements.

Binbao Machinery is very concerned about the development of the Russian market. We stand with nPrintPack together to provide better local service and support Russian printing packaging industry development.

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